Northern Cape's First Dedicated Clinical Trial Site

What we do

Trident Clinical, based in Kimberley, is the first dedicated Clinical Trial Site in the Northern Cape. We consist of a small group of investigators with the goal to bring Clinical Research to the province. It was founded in 2018 by Mohamed Ebrahim Essop and later joined by co-founders: Raihanah Essop & Ra’ees Essop. 

We specialize in pharmaceutical-sponsored clinical trials in various medical fields. Our passion is clinical trials and the advancement of medical discoveries, which can only happen with the help of the community. Trident Clinical firmly believes in giving back to the community through our services and the potential of skills development that we present. 

We strive to become a site well-known for our quality data and excellent treatment of patients. This can be achieved through quality, ethical data. We ensure this by working together with the Free State University Ethics Committee.

For Our Patients – We strive to provide quality medical care, always.

For Our Staff – We cultivate a positive work environment and promote growth and development, professionally as well as personally.

For Our Sponsors – We aim to provide high quality, reliable data. We recognize that each trial has the potential to be something great.

Raihanah Essop

Co-Founder /
Study Coordinator

Raihanah (Co-Founder) has 2 years experience in Clinical Trials as an SSC with experience in regulatory administrative duties and holds a B.SocSci in Psychology.

Ebrahim Essop

Founder & CEO / Site Manager

Ebrahim (CEO) has 6 years experience in Clinical Trials including 2 years in a managerial position at the University of Cape Town and holds a B.Sc(Med)(Hons) Cell Biology as well as a B.Sc(MBS)(MedMic).

Ra'ees Essop

Co-Founder / Clinical Trial Assistant & Developer

Ra’ees (Co-Founder) is a qualified IT expert with extensive experience in computer systems, graphic design and holds a Dip.IT(AppDev) project management and software development.

Our story

Where it all began

In November 2018, in a garage somewhere in Kimberley, Trident Clinical began its journey. After moving from the Mother City back to his hometown, Mohamed Ebrahim Essop put everything on the line to bring clinical research to the Northern Cape. He was joined by his wife, Raihanah Essop and later his cousin, Ra’ees Essop.  With their help, the company finally began to take root and it was officially founded in December 2018. That was just the beginning.

Over the course of the next few months they slowly began to form their team of doctors. This eventually consisted of three Principle Investigator’s and three sub-investigators. The next hurdle was to find a premises and through some trial and error they finally found one, but not without its limitations. The building needed renovations. Due to funding limitations, Mohamed Ebrahim and Ra’ees became a two-man construction crew. The following two months was a test of perseverance as they worked tirelessly, through long exhaustive hours, days of hard manual labour and many sleepless nights to bring their vision of Trident Clinical to life. As personal funds dried up, they turned to part-time jobs in the evenings to earn an income while working on Trident during the day. The renovations could not have been possible without the support of family and the community as donations of supplies came in just as they were needed. Family proved so important to help them remain on their feet while they undertook this daunting task.

All the sacrifice and hard work proved fruitful. On the 28th of October 2019 the doors of Trident Clinical officially opened to the public. The vision of its founders is not only to bring research to the Northern Cape, but to bring new energy to the province, providing employment and community upliftment through community projects. They aim to become a site known for its research excellence and help further medical advancement through research while giving back to the local community through its health services.

Trident Clinical

Trident Clinical currently consists of 10 staff members. 3 Principal Investigators, 3 Sub Investigators, and 4 support staff.


Questions related to Clinical Research

What is a Clinical Trial?

In short, clinical trials are research studies conducted with human participants to test the safety and efficacy of a potentially new or improved medicine or medical device.

Why should I participate?

You will be contributing to medical research, which is important in discovering new medical treatments. This is a great benefit to society. You will gain better understanding of your illness and how to manage it.

What are the Benefits & Risks?

Risks: side effects, allergic reactions, placebo.

Benefits: regular visits, access to possible new medications, disease management guidance, contributing to medical research

Who can Participate?

Anyone from 18 years can participate in a clinical trial depending on the criteria for the study. Children may take part in paediatric clinical trials with the consent of the parent or legal guardian.

What is Informed Consent?

All participants must be informed of all aspects of the study, including risks and benefits, and they have to give their consent to take part in the study. All research is voluntary.

How do we know that we are safe?

While there are definite risks in research, our team is well trained to care of you in the best possible manner. Regular visits ensure that we monitor your well-being closely. All side-effects are reported and symptoms are managed by our team. Your safety is our priority.
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